If you've been using Windows 10, you know that the Microsoft Operating System has undergone several visual changes.

A small animation is displayed whenever an application is minimized or maximized. Some users want to get better performance by turning off the Minimize or Maximize Animation. And for that, the System gives you some benefits to reduce the Animation.

However, if you want to turn off Minimize and Maximize Animation, this article is for you.

Old PCs get a little configured. Because as the days go by, so many updates are coming. And this Minimize and Maximize Animation of Windows 10 puts pressure on your GPU or CPU. Causing your PC to slow down. And if it is an old computer, it hangs a lot of the time. But for updated computers it is nothing.

So if you want to get full speed by turning off Minimize and Maximize Animation from your Low Config computer, see below.

So, in this article, we have decided to stop minimizing and maximizing animation in Windows 10. Which will help our old computer speed up. So let's know how to disable Windows Minimize and Maximize Animation.

First, search from your Start Menu by typing "sysdm.cpl". Enter your search results. 

You will go to System Properties as above. And now you go to the Advanced option from Tab.

 Go to Advanced Performance Settings. Then you can turn off many types of animation. If you have to stop any other animation, then stop knowing its work. Otherwise, it will be the opposite.

However, if you have Animate Windows When Minimizing And Maximizing On, raise the checkmark. If you want to turn it on again, follow the same rules, mark it in the check box, and apply.

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