How To Partition Hard Drive Without Losing Data We often need to Resize / Move Hard Drive Partition. 

How To Partition Hard Drive Without Losing Data

How To Partition Hard Drive Without Losing Data:
If you like to do the job easily, this article is for you.

How To Partition Hard Drive Without Losing Data: Many of us have more or fewer spaces when installing Windows.
So it is seen later that there is a problem with this. For example:
Suppose you set a 30 GB partition for C: \ Drive. After using Windows for a few days, it was found that it is not possible to keep anything new in your C: 6. Then, the PC started processing in a prolonged way. Then you might think about installing Windows Operating System for a new partition.
Or suppose one of your drives is full (but not your PC), you want to increase its space.
Or the space of one hard drive in your PC has become too much to reduce it and connect it to another drive.
If your answer is yes, then check out my article today. Because I will try to present this topic today.

How to Move/Resize Partition:

If you want, but you can do it from the default feature of Windows by Shrink or Extend. However, I will show that using Third-Party Software.
So let's see the detailed information about shrink partition, extend the partition and move partition.
First, download the software from the end of the post. And install it.

I hope you have installed it. Then run the software.

After the main interface comes, select the drive to reduce or increase and click the Move / Resize Partition button on the left side.

Move / Resize Partition Window You can actually increase or decrease the size from here.
Shrink above means decrease and increase with extension. So why do it?
Of course, you want to Move / Resize, so you can add Free Space to another Drive-by Shrink by selecting the Drive that has more Space. After shrinking, you will see Free Space as Unallocated.

On the other hand, click on the Unallocated Space to increase the drive's capacity. 
Select Move / Resize Partition and finally Extend and Ok.
Then that Free Space will be added to the new Drive.
And of course, remember that the work will take time to complete. Restart while partitioning.
If the work of the partition is being processed with the restart, then the PC can not be turned off.
Will have to wait until the end.

How To Partition Hard Drive Without Losing Data

Lastly, check if you have been able to increase or decrease the space of your drive.
If the trick works, don't forget to like, comment or share.

And download your software from the link below.
Size:- 147 MB
So here I am, ending with the rule of partition without losing any kind of data.
See you again sometime with something new.

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