We are all living in the digital age. And thanks to the computer, we have become modern ourselves. And one of the sectors of our digital world is the computer. 

It's a device on which everything technical depends. Since a computer is a device, it needs Windows or an operating system to operating it. 

The job of Windows is to make the relationship of Hardware to Software. By installing Windows, you can do various kinds of work from the computer. And you may have used Windows XP, Vista, 7,8, 10, etc. Then you also know that its creator is Microsoft.  

And Microsoft has been updating its systems since time immemorial. So that we can use more features. 

If you haven't run Microsoft Windows 1.0 before, check out the rest. 

Windows 1.0

On November 20, 1985, Microsoft released its new operating system, Windows 1.0. IBM PC XT (Model 5160) is the first computer to run Windows 1.0. All you need to run this operating system is 256 KB of RAM and hard disk. I need less storage than your memory card.

The hard disk of that grandfather's IBM PC XT (Model 5160) computer was only 10 MB. Which was more than needed then. The clock speed of this computer was 4.77 Megahertz. Today we are going to show on our computer this amazing operating system of early Microsoft.

IBM PC XT (Model 5160) running Windows 1.0.1.

Earlier I shared an article about Virtual Machine. It can be used to run Android, Linux Kernel, or Macintosh operating system on Windows computers. However, you do not need a Virtual Machine to run this Windows.

We can run it from our own computer or mobile browser. You may be wondering how? 

For this, you will need to spend 5MB at most. However, how long it will take to load depends on the speed of your internet. I will provide the link at the end of the post to use it, too—review with some screenshots.

Windows 1.0.1 can be used with CGA or EGA Display feature.

  • CGA Display
  1. IBM PC XT, 256Kb RAM, 10Mb Hard Disk, Color Display
  • EGA Display
  1. IBM PC XT, 640Kb RAM, 10Mb Hard Disk (Formatted), 128Kb EGA, Enhanced Color Display

You can try both if you want. Then after entering the link, I added that it will look like below if the loading is successful.

Windows 1.0.1 Boot Logo

When the loading is over, you will get Windows 1.0.1. So we have to wait until the main interface comes. And then it looks weird.

As you can see above, the main interface of Windows 1.0.1. It's just like I don't call you Desktop. But what else seems to be a stranger to the grandfather era. Although hundreds, we have returned to the original era by Time Travel.

Just like you can see the Category just by clicking on the Start Menu. Just like you enter the SubMenu by clicking on the Menu there. However, the difference is that A, B, C are your Category. Click on A or B, or C to see the features of Windows 1.0.1. As in the figure above, A.

The image above is of the programs in category TB. Here too, you will get Menu or SubMenu. However, the only thing you can not enter by double-clicking the mouse. You have to click and hold the mouse to enter the Sub Menu.

The image above contains the programs in C. Here too you have to work according to the instructions above. And since it was an operating system 30+ years ago, a lot of things may be unfamiliar to you, but let's look at some of its uses.

How To Use Windows 1.0.1  

We can do a lot with the current Windows. However, some specific features are added, such as Calculator, Calendar, Paint, Notepad, etc. So, of course, the features for Windows 1.0.1 were created by Microsoft. Maybe 30 years ago, these things could have been done.

If you want to continue the programs, then hold down the mouse click on the View Menu.

If SubMenu appears, select Programs.

The programs are at the top, which looks like our grandfather, who was 30+ years ago, has missed a lot. What if they keep the computer running.

All you have to do is click on the .exe files to access your programs. For example, after I clicked on the Calculator.exe file, the Calculator came to clear my account. I also calculated that 50 + 50 = 100 is giving the correct result. Only the computer was not discovered as an update of Abacus.

You will not be able to use the X icon called Close like the updated Windows. So you have to close like the image above.

There is no substitute for a watch to know the time. Because there is a saying that one fork of time is equal to ten forks of untimely. So maybe Microsoft forgot to add the watch.

I couldn't resist the urge to use the Paint Program, so I created my own text in the form of a box. You can also try their Paint program if you want.

If you have used Microsoft Office, then take a look at the writing program of the early era. You can also use the name Write.Exe. In addition, if you want to practice Code, you can try the existing Notepad.exe.

The Control Panel we use is very modern.

If I continue to mention all of them, the article will be much bigger. If you want to see the rest of the features, you can try it yourself by spending 5Mb.

Below is the link to have fun with Windows 1.0.1 and surprise your friends.

Windows 1.01

Although it does not have a good feature, one thing to know is that this operating system has been updated to Windows 10 today. Our next-generation may see what we are using today and tell me, like me, how many features the grandparents have missed. Because everything will change over time. What we are enjoying today may be nothing for the future.

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See you again some other time with something new, so visit us every day to get every update. 

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